Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Why the name?

Dear all...

The first question you would always wonder when you see this blog is why the name? Why not Edmond Dantes, and why Edmond Dante? That is because, I took to blogging late, and there was someone else who liked Mr. Edmond Dantes, who later on became the count of Monte Cristo, as much as me!

I had to have this name to my blog, or a fair resemblance, as I wanted it to show my wandering thoughts, like Dantes, who was all alone in a jail for half of his life... We are all prisoners in our own lonliness, even when we are in a party, emprisoned by our attitude, our inferiority complex, our superiority complex, our desires, our failures, our achievements, everything in our life emprisons us! So I think I really needed this name to find a way to freedom!

This was one fiction story I would have preferred to be true... A man's true strength is about the will to do something!

And that will is more so negative than positive... His strengths are more when he is under a kind of stress! What kind of stress can it be?

All who say that love is the best mover are in a way true... It moves, but the directions achieved is never coherent!

But when you are moved by revenge, your achievements have purpose... a sense which always allows you to succeed.

I am not someone who supports revenge or vengeance as a philosophy, but the Fiction "The Count of Monte Cristo" is a true tribute to what not can a man achieve by revenge!

At the same time the sense of purpose is completely momentous when you think of it as a means for your revenge... Like in the novel, the protoganist has nothing in his life to live for, once he has achieved his revenge... Only because he has nothing to live on.. or rather nothing to love on...

So people I would only find it by posting this blog as an answer to the purpose of life... It is never for revenge, it is never for love... It is only for the purpose of life... and what is that? I think it takes more than a single blog to answer that... but let me understand with you that it is a mixture of lot of things... like always each and every one of these blogs will only try to interpret them, but never will we find an answer, you can expect it to go on, because if someone says he knows the purpose of his life, he is not fit to live!

Every day is a discovery... every thought a philosophy.. and that is when life is life!

So guys get set to read my small but simple thoughts on life.. most of them will be blabber, most of them without meaning, some might call it philosophy.. but I would prefer to call it a journey of discovery!

And if in the end if I am a bit more better than anyone else reading this, then I will stop writing, because then I will have be out preaching and not sharing!

Love you guys... all you unknown faces who read me are the best thing which happened to my life and my best recognition.. and if you keep on reading I will give you all a chocolate icecream or a chicken piece, as if you are reading this expecting no rewards, then you should be crazy like me!

So it is a recognition to me that even though I am weird writing this stuff, but then there are many others who are as crazy as me to read all the crazyness that I am writing! STOP!!! I know it is going far... now I am loosing my rating! Sorry you are intelligent beings who are trying to find purpose of life and understanding it like me!

Will try to be more interesting next time.. if "more" is a word which is relative in sense, then... then take that it will be exponentially interesting as I know how boring I have been this time!


nitin said...

It was very interesting reading your comments on "purpose of life".
You were concentrating mainly on two factors which affect the purpose of life:love and revenge.
This forces me too think,are there any other factors which affect purpose of life?
The outcome was very shocking for me.I was not able to find even a single reason for my purpose of life,other than mentioned by you.
But I am still thinking and ones I come to know some other factor affecting purpose of life,I will let you know.

You had mentioned in your blog that " if someone says he knows the purpose of his life, he is not fit to live!"
I am not satisfied by you on this point.
I want more elaborations from you,because if a person donot know the purpose of his life,he can't live.Everyday he will be questioning himself:"Why I am living?".
What I feel is that everybody knows his purpose of life.This is other point that how much importance he gives to it.


shimmy thomas said...

when u spoke so emotionally abt Edmond Dantes,i just tried to rewind his dramatic,but well planned escape from jail.
but my dear edmont dante-the count of west hill-what u really mean by freedom?it's easy to escape from certain situations buy forgetting it.freedom from everything,seems to b a myth when v r really struggling.
congrats for the title-wandering thoughts..

Arun T. said...

Hmm "purpose to life"...Even I am trying to understand it. But I chose a different path. I try to figuire out human emotions and why we have them; whats the logic behind them?

My efforts are still in the infant stages, but I urge you to read my post with an open mind above all.