Friday, January 20, 2006

Devil? An Evil or a Trusted servant of God?

First of all let me reply to the only reader who has been kind enough to read through my Post!

For a start... Let me say, He has got me hooked... Although I am a fresh blogger, now he has really got me hooked! He has kindled the devil in me! The devil seeking fame, name, and also materialistic pleasures (Which might sometime be fulfilled when I become a great writer and start my own site... Where all the other bloggers might drop in to read my revelations on truth, love, life, purpose and all the other words in the dictionary!)

Purpose of life is not a day to day phenomenon! When my purpose today is to earn a living and to provide for my family, the day after it might be to might be join the army and fight for my country! But for today if I think that my purpose is only to fight and die for my country, then what about my family? If it is only to provide for my family, what about my country?

When someone knows his purpose of life.. usually it ends up in death... Sacrifice is the name given for it... Might be because we call it the supreme offering? People die as Jehadi's because they think their purpose of life is to fight the evil and to avenge the death of their loved ones, People die in love, and then it is called that he found his purpose in life! Might be I am wrong?

Like I said... Every day is a discovery? and my purpose of life is surely that... but is it all I do, is it the only purpose? If it was then what is the point to live on... so my life goes on because I am still discovering the purpose of life! Or else I am long gone!

Now that I have given some more thoughts... I think I have stirred the devil in all of you to succeed and think more than I do?

So what is devil or who is he?

There are two paths in life they say... One the good path, which leads you to heaven and god... The other the bad.. which leads you to hell and Devil!

So...Lets start analysing this issue... If I was a worshipper of devil.. Then I would walk the wrong and be punished to hell... and if I am nice man, god fearing, then I will receive hell! Now let us understand who controls hell and heaven.. God is in heaven, and Devil is in hell...

I know god is no politician, as someone who is as strong as him needs no politics to stay in his chair! But devil... The poor devil that he is... needs to do a lot of coaxing and campagning to get people to be with him, or rather follow his path! After all this when someone joins his path, we can call it the "devil's lifestyle", Then the devil himself will punish you for joining his party! How strange?

Is devil a fool? Poor devil that he is... I think whatever he might be, he is not a fool, after all he has managed to co-exist with the supreme power, "God" for so long, the all knowing, all pervasive god... So he is not an idiot anyways.. his IQ should be as good as, or near to the god's!

Another point to be considered before we reach any conclusion... God is remembered by all when the devil creates trouble in the world.. like the terrorists all over the world, even though some of then call themselves the preachers of god, still try and create havoc! Or when some man steals another man's life savings... the poor exploited one thinks of god! So devil is the proverbial "Essential Devil", so that people will remember god in his sorrows...

So after all this, I wonder? Is devil collaborating with god? Or is devil a simple servant of god... Who has been projected as equally powerful as god, but has to punish his own devlish little followers to no ends.. even making them boil in cauldrons... and burning them to ashes again and again?

So after all he is a servant... of his wishful master.. god! And why? Is god politically trying to align us to his path? reminding us of what lies ahead if we don't follow his path? Or is it that they are two sides of coin? "I still wonder... and I hope, what the devil! If only I could find out what god is!"

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