Monday, January 23, 2006

Computer games and my addiction?

So, another two days passes on without any visitors to my blog, well now I have turned so shameless that I have advertised it on my emailing group, so that atleast by that someone will peep in!

So lets get to today's topic without further delay, by the way why do I have to keep on discussing and discovering, I really don't know... but then as I said... everyday is a discovery, so I keep my efforts on!

So when I first saw this little thing which could be called a computer game console... I took an instant liking to it! It was the earliest version, an old nintendo, but then not until I had seen the History channel recently, I didn't realise that I was also a part of the whole gaming buffs who had laid their hands on the "tennis game" of nintendo, or rather that way a part of History! I used to spend shamelessly hours in my neighbours place, gaming away to glory!

Then came another better version, which had a game list which counted in thousands... again in another neighbours place, shamelessly gaming away to even greater glory!

It was not until I got one in our house that I started realising shamefully as to how shameless I was... Now that is an irony! But then... Shame is such a thing, that will make you even ashamed about your own shamelessness! Now that is even more irony!

Anyways so that goes the story how I took to gaming... But why was I so hooked? Or why are all of us so hooked? WhenI personally "ponder" I wonder, Is it because I am able to do all what I can't do in my real life? I personally am a fan of the first person shooting or adventure games... I like to kill evil people, I like to fly airplanes, drive trains, driving a F1 car, a GP500 Bike and what not! All things I couldn't do in this life... and somethings that I can never do with any life like Killing red faced, bulb head Aliens, Green puke Mutants, and also riding on top of a dragon, or saving a princess!

Should be because we are all so fixated with fantasising that it reaches levels which can only be called shameful! So... At the end of all this I wonder, should I have named this blog as shame??

So lets hope there will be a time when these games will be full fledged virtual reality, better than today's "playstations" or "XBox's" wherein we might have "Playstadiums" and "XRooms" (by the way these two trademarks are coined by me, hence registered automatically through this blog, and one against it can come and do a sword fight with me while I ride on a dragon... might be the guys who wants to challenge me, will be a Pumpkin headed mutant riding on an ant!),

And hope that all of us guys are blessed with more shameless indulgence!

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Dhanush said...

Thats how you start it buddy. Now I hope you understand Why I used to send you my links - which you NEVER opened.
Welcome to the Club.
Happy Blogging