Saturday, January 21, 2006

Why do I choose my colors?

When someone is upto something, you never know... but when he has done something repelling then he is upto his true colors! When you have achieved something he is said to have come out from it with Flying colors!

When I write a prologue to match a thought in my mind, it usually stinks... like this one above! So let me get to what I want to tell you about! I wanted to talk to you all today about Colors! By the way - "all"?? My readership has dwindled to a low minute figure of, yeah you guessed it right "zero!"

My first blog was read by one, the next zero! Now that is some color, whether flying or drowing that I don't like!

So let us get to the topic which I was "pondering" about! Like in the steven spielberg produced cartoon serial "Pinky and the Brain", where the intelligent mice, the brain who wants to take over the world one day.. asks his accomplice, the mice called Pinky... about his plans to take over the world and asks..."Pinky, are you pondering what I'm pondering?"
Pinky replies "I think so Brain, but . . ." The result is always utterly nonsense anwer to the context given, indicating that Pinky was in no way pondering what Brain was pondering. So my friends...

I think the same is the case with us, I can assure you, none of you are pondering what I am pondering!

I was just pondering after my big lectures on philosopy of life, love, revenge and god and devil...Why in the world do I choose lighter color shirt, and a darker color pants? Or why do all of us? How many times do we wear a cream pants with a dark shirt? Count them on your fingers... and I am sure it will end before your digits end!

By digits I mean your fingers, the number by the way adds upto ten... until and unless you have some mutation! By that I would like to add that there is a digital analysis done for swelling of your prostrate gland... by the way that gland is near your prostrate and the only way you can access is through your prostrate (rear)... So it is not all that hitech, but imagine you are a cow in a vetinary college waiting for the trainee doc's to do digital examination with their long rubber glows... Ooouch! I hope you get the general idea!

So why do we choose these colors? I think or rather from now on I ponder... that it should be because of my being a diurnal animal (Yeah, even I had to try theasarus, to find the opposite of nocturnal!) We are always used to seeing the surroundings like that... the sky and the earth! Always the sky is bright and and the earth dark! Might be that is why when I am going for a party I wear the the opposite, then I am nocturnal! Am I trying a camouflage? or trying to merge in?

My friend who is an expert in blogging says I shouldn't stretch it too long.. yeah not simply called a blog and not a novel!

So guys.. I hope now you have seen my true colors, and I think I have come out of it with flying colors! Or rather I have put everything in Black and white... There is no grey areas! Or rather I have tickled your grey cells... now I am stretching too long! Hope all you guys will be in the Pink of your health!

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nitin said...

What I feel why we choose lighter color for shirts is because light colors are cool.When we talk with someone most of the time he is looking into our eyes or his concentration is towards our face.I mean to say that in such a situation only our shirt is visible to him.As the light colors are cool,they didn't deviate speaker's concentration from what he is speaking to our clothes.
Now,in case of parties we want to attract everybody's attention towards us.As dark colors are more eye catching,they are most suited for attracting speaker's concentration.
This is my view.I expect your comments on this in ur next blog.