Friday, July 07, 2006

How to control em?

Discovering that the golden rule of controlling someone was to grab his uttermost guilt feeling, and to play with was a really tough one! But then it is a golden rule, gold is real hard to find!

The first rule in an corporate environment ordane discipline as a religion is to keep all your staff underperforming.

This might be quite the wrong perspective but like newton's greatest law that each action has an equal and opposite reaction, each and every belief has its reinforcing statement. This feeling is because the opposite of underperformance, that is performance breeds defiance.

The same goes to ancient history... when spartacus, a slave in rome, who was a gladiator, felt that he was the best gladiator, and revolted against rome itself, that was because he thought he had the liberty to do so, as he was the best.

Every employee who has over achieved his targets starts feeling the he is too good for his job, and starts looking for a new one. If he has not performed well, the guilt feeling that the company provided him everything and still he couldn't do his job well, keeps him performing, and makes him do well.

This is quite well established system in many companies. They set a target which is literally non-achieveable, and then, provide for some cash sops if you reach around 70% of it. That way you get incentives and are happy (carrot & stick) and then you never happen to achieve your targets, so you are always thinking you are never good enough to leave the company, that feeling once sinks in you know you are secure in your job, as you got incentives, and then you are not such a great man so as to command respect or demand promotions etc, so you are fixed up in your rightful (or so to say) place.

So guys... you are such so worthles, keep on rotting in your organisation... Rusty rest is what you will have till you retire.

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Mohamed Anoop said...

Dear Dantes,

I know its ‘Dante’, but thought I call you by the name you like, and to say you would surely have grabbed it if it was there to grab.

The shameless act of posting the blog address has had results – you got a new reader. But if you are wondering that am late, then I think that’s better.

Although all the topics seem different and were written on different dates (weren’t they?) they share a nice flow of words and themes, a continuous river of thoughts. Wandering? Might be. So the more the topics pending, the more was the flow of words and fun in reading.

But the lack of readers reflects in your words………you seem to move from the words of your mind to the words of magazines. Should say, the variety is good; biology, management, physics etc. But then, with what I know of you, would rather want only the original stuff. After all, what are blogs for anyway?

So keep the good stuff coming.