Monday, July 17, 2006

Men - the perfect creation

Chauvanism... this is one sure comment I expect for this blog of mine! Being a man of queer observations, as would Mr. Watson mention about Mr. Holmes, I also want to present like Mr. Holmes some of my singular experiences in the observation of the homo sapiens sapiens (As Mr. Holmes would again say... " Elementary Mr. Watson, you should know better than me that the 21st centuary man is called Sapiens sapiens, as they are intelligent twice as much as their better known ancestors!). So as I can hear you readers asking me in the same old fashioned victorian polite english "pray continue...."

So the matter taken to discussion today remains Men the perfect creation! As far as the whole mammal, bird, or insect community is concerned, the male sex of the species always are the better looking ones or the better gifted ones!

This has a pure need based functionality, as they are the ones who need to seduce the female order into their charms, as females are known for the pick and choose, except for female fruit flies, who I have read believe in multiple sex partners, and then their eggs are fertilised by a competition unmatched by even the olympics. The multiple males have sex with her at the same time, and insert their sperms, and then the sperms of each and every male sex partner fights with themselves, and also with that of the other macho boys around... that is what I call truly survival of the fittest, this I believe was an experiment to show that women are in more need of polygamy than men, as it is in thier instinct to get the best sperm, and not like men who are forced to do it as nature and women dictates it!

Anyways we are deviating like Mr. Holmes from the topic, the male sex is more endowed I was saying, yes it is a very easy observation to make, the lion has facial hair that makes it look majestic, the peacock has its beautiful feathers and also dancing skills in males, the cockoo's singing ability is only with the male order, the rooster has got the flowers on its face and colorful tail feathers to make it look beautiful... So the fact remains, that nature in all its form want the men to look beautiful or handsome! So that their tricks can seduce female of the species!

The same holds good for Human beings too... Ancient romans & greeks knew the beauty of the male form, their innumerable sculptures adoring the male muscles! They say as handsome as a greek god, not a goddess! The fact remains that men are naturally born handsome! How many men, leave alone the gays (they have to attract an equally handsome partner as them), do makeup before leaving for office or club? As far as I know the number of men using talcum powder has also come down due to good quality deodrants (earlier men used talcum powder as a deodrant).

Men never do any kind (By this I take the liberty of sterotyping by means of large numbers of people whom I am acquainted with) of makeup. No lipstick, no mascara, no powder, nobase, no foundation, no brick masonry on thier face! For women thier face is literally a construction site! They start with base make up, the foundation, then the final superstructure etc etc. All we do before we leave for office or party is to brush our teeth, and comb our hair and wash our face.. the true natural self! That is what it is... Clean from pathogens and bacteria! That's all we do... we never add on, we remove all dirt!

To add the only men who used to do make up were the egyptians, rather the workers on the pyramids, and they say that once when the supplies of make up material stopped for a week, the pyramid construction also came to a halt, as all the workers demanded make up! That was not a need for looks but of the working conditions, the scorching sun in the desert would burn thier skin without make up... So they had to!

So men out there including me can rejoice, we are born handsome and beautiful!

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