Tuesday, June 27, 2006

How vast is it after all?

So... Long after my verbal vomit has become really dry, due to my long absence from the scene, I think a delirous diahorrea of deep dogmas might be something that all you guys can digest!

Has anyone ever thought how vast this universe is after all? I do wonder sometime, when I am lying on the roof of my abode and blankly stare into the skies in the night, with all those twinkling stars...

Then I wonder, if earth is just a planet revolving around a single star, and there are atleast 10 or 11 planets ( as
our science improves we will find more planets around the sun. So how many billion kilometers are used up only by our solar system... Now think that our good old sun, and we used to consider as the greatest till recently is just another disturbed guy who is fuming with fusion... end result our sun is just another star out of the billions of stars in our galaxy. (Which we call as the milky way) and it in essence covers billions of kilometers multiplied by the billions of stars and thier own solar systems.

Now for a second, just think that there are millions of galaxys in the universe... So multiply the already billion kilometers multiplied by the billion solar systems multiplied by the million universes. So that is a lot of space!! And really vast!

Now the greatest twist... as per doppler effect we can find out that we are a gradually expanding galaxy. Or that if we were all compressing by coming together the gravitational pull of each other star, galaxy & planet will make it form a big black hole... and a really big one at that! That is that all will collapse to each other, if our galaxy's were coming nearer... So they are moving away from each other... So that means they all have enough space to move away.. with all this area already in trillions of billions now these guys are not packed.. they have ample space to move.....

So it means all the universe and all will look like some hundred small round marbles spread out in huge sahara desert... They have lot of space to move around... So that is how vast it is?

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