Sunday, February 12, 2006


So long for my enthusiasm in blogs! So why say so long? Or you should say my blogs are so long? Might be as the same are read too less I suppose! So I will keep it short, and its easier for me too...

Then when I think I worry is it my philospohical drive which keeps people away?
I really dunno... I am seriously thinking of a viable blog, might be on one of my interests... Conspiracy theories, or Defence and weapons etc...

So another blog for you guys will be dedicated soon, something which will interest the uninterested!

And all you guys who long for my unbelievably skewed view of the world which I call philosophy... It will still continue, because if I keep all this to myself.. I will go mad... I will share my share of insanity with this insane world, atleast to keep me sane in an already insane world!

Then what is the point? Then I will be the only one sane... and branded as insane!

So it is all a vicious circle, and the perils of being alive in a world whose basic rule of entropy says that it will in the end lead to chaos, if there is noone to control it! Just hope I am not the pivot which most call equilibrium!

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Anonymous said...

eda, entrophy
what happened why did you stop........i dont have anything to ignore now