Thursday, February 02, 2006

Instincts or Intellect?

Collective information on a long observed phenomenon leads to intellect, and Instinct is simply your gut feelingl! Have we ever thought what gut feeling means?

It means how your stomach feels when you are in a situation, which is involuntary action, it is not regulated by your brain directly under its consciousness, but it is a subconscious feeling!

So does your gut churn when you are in a tight situation, do you feel your muscles twitch when you are in danger, shouting loudly run, run run...! So does it help... sure it does! Primal fears apart, in most cases they do yield results that you might never have credited them for, like your ability to resist some unforeseen falls, is mostly because your adrenalin has braced your muscles for them!

I am not athiest, but I am a staunch believer in science, so I would rather like to call that these are inborn lines of code written on into our basic disk operating system or in some cases basic input/ output system in our DNA. So it comes in all beings without difference.

So by the way I know something that I share with you, in cases when your intellect is better use them, but in cases that don't really require your intellect, give into your instinct!

If you are unsure about how can instincts be studied, look at systems which have lower system configuration! Like how an electronics engineer starts his course by learning to make a disco light circuit using a 555 chip, and then he progresses on to todays processors and systems and its operating systems. So we also can learn about instincts by looking at smaller computers in the organic world... Ants-the parallel processors, the animals-the computers without a good processor, and in the end to understand our own intellect.

You can understand this.. like a tiger which has a good meal after hunting, will eat it, walk a small distance, mostly none as his prey is found near the water hole, and then he lies down in the shade and rests...

I feel we humans too should also not tax our brains too much as to what is to be done after a good meal... Some say you should not rest, should take a walk and etc etc... but in the end any activity done after lunch reduces bloodflow to your intestines and hence lesser absorption of nutrients, even thinking or doing mental work is not good, as it takes away the intestines share of blood to the brain...

So guys trust your gut feeling and then take a nap after lunch, it only helps, all your stroll excersize and everything else can come after that!

There are many more ways in which your instincts help you... but if your instinct says otherwise, trust me, before you do it think many a time... because our BIOS(instinct) is also a new version, it is also been upgraded, and hence in itself a Collective information on a long observed phenomenon or intelligence!

My gut says now that I need some dinner... So see ya guys!


adventurequest said...


Don't be so much philosophical yaar. Write something interesting so that feel like reading. Like abt Pune,the place u have visited (Like Aurungabad) with some gud photos. This is just a suggestion. Give a thought.

adventurequest said...


Don't be so much philosophical yaar. Put something interesting for the readers. Like places in Pune, trip to Aurangabad, with photos etc. This is just a suggestion.Give a thought.

Steven Roger said...

dante, write something chewable mate