Tuesday, July 21, 2009


I should say by now some of my readers have dismissed me as a hopeless pervert!
So is the case with many of my friends who say that I should be "dismissed" as a pervert, as I am a "practicing" pervert!

I love my oxymoronic statements! And as I can expect as like many of us, I am also not a practising english literature student, I just don't know the real meaning or how these things like "paradox", "oxymoron", and some other wierd contraptions like "paradigm" etc are to be used or what it means!

Coming to my topic, as any man would agree the significance of this scar is the only reason many of our Indian film actress survive, I am referring to the human navel or normally referred to the belly button!

Now a button is something which projects outside, but to call something which heals back into pit just after few weeks of birth after resembling a button is really wierd. I consider this as perversion, but people rather not refer it as navel but as a belly button.

All said and done, I think god had something in his mind when he said this part of the body will not heal after we are born... And many argue it is fairly because there is not much of tissue to heal beneath the navel... that is the most preposterous claim I have ever heard.

Human body like the song by john mayer is a wonderland! A baby is born with a skull which are in pieces and all of the fuse together to form a perfect skull, so that our human brain which is bigger than most animals is allowed out though the small valley of the hip bones, which has not adapted to this large sized brain.
The scortum of a baby develops near the abdomen and moves into position just before birth.

All this considered, don't you think a small connection of the umbilical chord which falls off after a few days of its removal will not heal? Is it such a great achievement for a body which changes in many ways after birth?

What was god's intentions? Was it that it should be a attractive area for the men? I think not. Men would love women whichever form they were, as we are programmed to!

Did god feel that one day human beings would find a way to reuse the umbilical chord during thier journeys to the far fetched galaxies by being in sleep and left this as an opening for us to reuse, like a plug point ready to derive the require resource when it is plugged in? Some say that the vein behind the umbilical chord changes into a fibrous mass and the connection is broken behind our skin, but did god believe we can revive it?

There is lot of research on stem cells etc, based on the umbilical chord cells or the placenta, does this mean these research would one day lead us to derive all cure and nutrition like once we did in our wombs through our navel?

I would rather not believe god left it simply without any reason, because I believe he/she is more intelligent than anyone of us can ever imagine!

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Nischal said...

Its indeed a pleasure to read and write and especially thoughtfully think in this generation amongst the pressure you face , thats mans life.
Dear this is not the omment based upon the specific context but a general revive.

Keep the momentum take up the pace and do more dear All the best , waiting for some latest posts.