Friday, July 13, 2007

Pleasure the ultimate convincer!

Starting to wonder, what motivates this world? The only answer that comes to mind is that it is the carnal desire, to achieve pleasure.

How much so ever a saint you try to be you cannot but think that in your insticts it is coded down to the minutest of your components.

When do I think like this? To be precise it is not the greatest of the moments that lead me to think, its the toilet to be precise! Why is it pleasurable to be doing my waste dumping? Might be because if it didn't give us a slight amount of pleasure, we guys might have never wanted to keep our system in order.

Yes, I know it might be gross for some section of my readers, but then in the end of the day, when you think about it, this is what you have to do regularly to keep your body healthy! Or else your body will be filled with toxins, leading your liver and kidney to fail, and then later on your heart and ultimately to untimely death.

How much so ever any mother would want to say it is her love for her child which keeps her to breast feed her kids, everyone knows that the same also can be associated with a slight amount of pleasure. Although there are the really terrible baby bites after he/she has grown some teeth!

I am sure we guys would have never been so prominent as a race, if we too had heat periods like bitches? I am sure we would have had a litter in every heat period, but not the kind of population explosion as of now, as if all the kids happen to be born within the same month, I am sure if a beubonic plague or any other kind of distressing contagious disease comes through the whole human new generation, who are of the same age, as they are born around the same month, would have been easily wiped off! Not simply the plants in rainforests have ways to disperse thier seeds wide and far, either as excretements of animals, or thier own transport devices (like coconuts, which can float on water), or like some seeds like cotton which can fly with the wind.

Instead of space dispersement of our seeds ( I mean offsprings in our case), one of the biggest achievements in evolution as a race we could have, was that our sexually active periods are throughout the year, hence a constant chance of different people concieving at different periods, so we can easily and boastfully say we are the first species to have crossed the time barrier for spreading our clan. We can have offsprings at anytime of the year, unlike all animals or plants who have restricted time barriers.

Anyways the whole point being, as pleasurable as sex is... that I think is the only reason we guys reproduce for the first instance. Yes, true being an advanced species we have parental and other needs to be fulfilled, but that too rests on the personal pleasure of seeing your kid grow up.

So all is about pleasure guys! So pleasure it up! I have not in anyways ribbed, dotted or perfumed my subject for your pleasure... as I think the whole topic is all about pleasure.


Jithu said...

Hmmmm dude, does make sence to an extend.

Anonymous said...

Starting was good, but then you lost the command. In fullfilling the crave for our pleasure we have to suffer sometime. I liked how beautifully you told us this point by giving the example of baby bites to the mother during breast feeding.
Also I want some blog from you which talk about the feminine side of God. Is the God Man or Woman?


Anonymous said...

"did the chicken come first or egg".

"did pleasure come first or we humans (animals also) as a process of evolution evolved pleasure.

you know, pleasure can be something that we feel while we are doing what we are suppose to do rather than the concept that you outlined which states that you do what you are supposed to do due tothe feeling.

Venky said...

Dude.....come what may u cannot separate the siamese twins of pleasure and pain.....they are an integral part of our human existence and to be able to accept that is the ultimate challenge for all humans.....enjoy the pleasure as much as you can.....but remember, the pain is just around the corner. When pain comes, pleasure is just round the corner. Thats the sine wave of our lives......Crests being the ultimate pleasure points and troughs being the most painful points.